Essay about Autism

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There are several reasons why I chose the topic of Autism. First, autism is intriguing because it is very hard to understand. Medical science is at a loss to explain why and how it occurs.
Second, I have had occasion to develop a personal relationship with children who are afflicted with autism. At The Children’s Institute, where I volunteer, I sit and play with many kids, two of whom are very hard to play with. Even though they are five and six years old, they avoid making eye contact with others, and often refuse to play with the other kids. Also, once they start watching something, like television, it is very hard to get them to look somewhere else. They are …show more content…

A light touch to most people may hurt an autistic person. On the other hand, some autistic people are insensitive to pain and won’t notice injuries. Hearing can also be heightened so that a noise that would not bother your or my ears, may hurt an autistic person’s ears. Autistic people’s vision can also be affected. They have trouble recognizing people. They can also have their eyes hurt by a bright light or a certain flickering.
People with autism lack normal non-verbal communication and body language. Because of this, they will seem more literal minded and unemotional than those around them. They also have trouble with verbal communication which sometimes means they will take a question or statement in a literal or unusual way. Some autistic people display communication difficulties such as difficulty remembering vocabulary and pronouncing words. Some are mute. Many need extra time to process verbal questions or comments and to reply. From time to time they will repeat things they hear or even their own words.
As you can see, autism affects its victims in a wide variety of ways. Some do well in special supportive environments, other are completely independent and function fairly well, and still others may never learn to talk or be able to work or live independently.
Problems arise when autistic people attempt to handle multiple stimuli. Because they have very narrowly

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