Autonomous Cars Pros And Cons

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Computers in Transportation – Autonomous Cars

An autonomous car is a vehicle that does not need a human driver in order to work. These types of vehicles have an autopilot technology which allows It to get from one point to another point without the need for human interference. The technology seems far away but it’s already here and there are many pros and cons to autonomous cars that need to be looked at.

A large percentage of our lives is eaten away from our commutes to work, school, or elsewhere. Life would be dramatically changed if we could use that time wisely while our cars did all the work. As well as being time efficient, autonomous cars and other vehicles do not allow have human error that normal human run cars and vehicles
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A very important downside that people often bring up is based on ethical judgments that the cars computer may need to make. If an autonomous vehicle can not slow down in time and has to choose between hitting a car in front of it or a child beside it or vise versa. How can we be sure that a car would make the best ethical decision in a time like that? Unfortunately, that isn’t a question we can easily answer because of a few different reasons. For example, in a situation where a human is driving, the human will not ponder on which decision is more ethical. Also these situations have no good or correct solution because any outcome is poor and sad. Another important factor to think on this is that the odds of these unfortunate situations are extremely small and very unlikely. Another negative reason autonomous cars aren’t readily available to the consumer is because they haven’t been intensely studied and tested like human driven cars have. This creates a very difficult scenario where the developers have to persuade consumers and everyday citizens that these machines are safe even if they haven’t been driven thousands of millions of miles. Before most consumers feel safe there will need failure estimations and percentages of collisions and the odds of anything going
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