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"Skyhawk eight-four-two-lima-papa, Executive Tower, you are cleared for takeoff runway two-eight-left at alpha." These are the words that all pilots fear, the few words that determine whether in the next few seconds everything can go wrong, or go right. When I was younger, my eyes have gazed skyward, peering at the iridescent beauty of large birds soaring over the sky with their signature white trails and the sound of their mighty roar. Never to this day have I regretted what was possibly the greatest challenge of my life, becoming an aviator. From day one of flight training, I have probably been the worst pilot that ever existed because I constantly failed my flight maneuvers and my landings were no less than disasters waiting to happen. Fortunately, my instructor always reminded me with his famous phrase; "experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterwards." Thus, after all the mistakes I have committed in my aviation career, I have always persevered and never backed down from a challenge. The one thing that all pilots learn to respect, love, and fear for are when situations go to hell because within those few seconds, any decision made will determine the outcome of the emergency. Preparedness can go a long way from determining the perfect weather, …show more content…

Without excess runway to land the plane, I decided to continue the takeoff and come back to land. My training immediately kicked in and I followed the emergency checklist, alerted the tower, and started my way to land the aircraft to safety. I had one chance and I owed it to my family, instructor, and myself to come back home and do whatever it takes even when I realized I might not make it. Therefore, if I had not practiced my emergencies correctly throughout my training, I knew that it would have been my final

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