Avoid My Sister's Couch Analysis

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Trying to Avoid My Sister’s Couch

It all started when I was in elementary school Amy and I would write, direct, act, and edit home videos. To us it was entertaining, not realizing that later on in life I would return to this creative endeavor to save my life. Once we entered middle school creating movies was considered "uncool", so we stopped making them. However, I didn't stop it was just the beginning. It was the summer of 2003 when I was getting ready to go into middle school, but the universe had different plans for me. My father and his friends brought Bruce Springsteen tickets and they decided to bring their families along. I went to the show but the whole time I remember complaining of a headache. After the show I fell asleep …show more content…

I settled into the teaching profession because that is what my family members and friends advised me to do. However, while I was in the public schools for my observations I questioned if this was the right path for me. During one of my meditations I questioned what career I should go into when a small voice whispered to me saying I should go into writing. When I told my parents how I would get my degree, but would no longer continue teaching they freaked out and at first did not support my decision. My friends and family members laughed at the idea of me becoming a professional screenwriter. Then a friend suggested if I was serious about screenwriting then I should attend Robert McKee’s course. The day before I attended his course I was in a bad mood, I didn’t have a good day at student teaching, my class would not listen to me and I questioned if this was a career I wanted to do for the rest of my life and if not then what would I go into? I saw no hope for my future and questioned my existence in the world. This was until the day I walked into McKee’s class. As I walked into the course I was completely closed off, but hearing him talk about the screenwriting process, he spoke light into my dreams, making me realize that becoming a screenwriter is attainable if you follow the right steps. After I attended his class I was so motivated …show more content…

Even though I read the books and listen to motivational podcasts there's something that is missing from my life. I know you have to think positive, act as if, believe, visualize, and have a deep relationship with God. However I feel as though I am stuck. My friends are advancing in their lives and careers. Then there's me, I recently got laid off from my job and I'm scrambling to find a new one, but I know in my heart that whatever regular job I get won't compare to my dream job, which is to become a screenwriter. Although I try positive affirmations and crafting a new vision board each year I'm still stuck. How can I believe in myself when the people who are the closest to me don't even believe that I can make it? They laugh at my ideas and they don't want to hear what I say because they think I’m “too positive”, "unrealistic", or in "la la land". I want to prove to my haters, non believers, friends and family members that I can and I will make it, but how can I do that when it’s me going up against the world while I am trying to build my career, self confidence, trying to get a new job, and deal with every day life situations? I think on the outside I come off as a positive thinker, happy go lucky person, but I feel as though deep inside lies the real me which is a pessimist who is scared to believe in

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