Avoidable Hospital Challenges

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Avoidable emergency department (ED) encounters places a significant burden on the health care system. Seniors 65 years or older have the highest rate of hospital encounters of any other age group (Bulut, Yazici, Demircan, Keles & Demir, 2015). The Center for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have placed stiff penalties on hospitals that are not able to reduce repeat encounters (“Coordinating better care & lowering costs”, 2017). These penalties result in the loss of guaranteed funding if the hospitals are not able to reduce readmission rates. Therefore, hospitals are seeking solutions to solving this challenge (“Coordinating better care & lowering costs”, 2017). Care transition teams are in place to help mitigate repeat encounters, …show more content…

The Population The patient population for this intervention is seniors 65 years or older (Medicare beneficiaries) that live in Montgomery County, Maryland who had two ED visits in past 6 months. Montgomery County has a diverse senior population. Although White Americans represent over 60 percent of the population, African American, Asian, and Hispanics are greatly represented in the population (“Montgomery County Senior Demographics”, 2014). In 2015, the senior population in Montgomery County was 14.1 percent (“Montgomery County Senior Demographics”, 2014). It is expected that the senior population will continue to grow (“Montgomery County Senior Demographics”, 2014). With these statistics, it would be expected that ED encounters will also increase. Research shows that seniors are the highest utilizers of the ED (Bulut, Yazici, Demircan, Keles & Demir, 2015). These encounters are contributed to the lack of resource provided in the community to assist seniors in navigating their complex health conditions (“Nexus Montgomery”,2015). In an effort to provide an additional resource for the seniors in this patient population, six hospitals in Montgomery County decided to focus on reducing repeat ED encounter for seniors. These hospitals have the common goal of needing to reduce repeat encounters, therefore, they implemented a program aimed at targeting at risk senior to prevent this issue (“Nexus

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