Avoidance Style Coping: A Case Study

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Police officer’s ability to effectively cope with stress is critical to the safety of society as well as the psychological well-being of the officers. Coping refers to the ability to identify specific sources of stress and the capacity to develop a plan of action to resolve the issue. Despite numerous stressors, the psychological wellbeing of officers is often overlooked or minimised by administrators, supervisors, the public and often times the officers (Collin &Gibbs, 2003; Karaffa &Tuchkov, 2013). Avoidance style coping is characterized by the desire to escape, withdraw, or deny the existence of a stressor. Numerous research in the United States and the United Kingdom (Miller,.L, 2015; Warner,T., 2015; Lieberman,A., Best, S.,Metzler,T., …show more content…

For the research, 134 police officers participated in the study. Fifty-five percent of the officers admitted to previous suicide attempts. No significant variance was found due to age, race, gender, and substance use. A logistic regression model correctly classified 79.1% of subjects as to whether or not they attempted suicide. Results indicated that officers reporting marital problems were 4.8 times more likely to have attempted suicide, and 6.7 times more likely if they had been suspended. Of the 134 subjects, 109 (81.3%) were male; 87 (64.9%) were White, 44 (32.8%) were Black, and 3 (2.2%) were Hispanic; their mean age was 41.2 +/- 7.5 (range = 25-62) years and their mean number of years of service was 14.7 +/- 8.4 years (range = 9 days-31.8 years).
Alcohol misuse among police officers have been widely studied. The results have been mixed about whether police officers consume more alcohol compare the general public due to inherent stress. In a classical study, Dietrich and Smith (1986) indicated that in law enforcement, “alcohol is not only used but very much accepted as a way of coping with tensions and stress of the

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