Awa Thiam's Arguement Against the Statement “Rape is to Women what Lynching is to Blacks”

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Awa Thiam speaks on the topic of the daughters of black Africa trying to find themselves. She also states the comparison of the black women struggle with the European women. Thiam is arguing the point that the European feminist imposed the false argument “Rape is to women what lynching is to Blacks” (Thiam 114). Women in the text suffered from double domination and double enslavement by the colonial phallocratic. Thiam explains the false consciousness of the black women as well. The goal for the women is to achieve total independence, to call man bluff and all alienating influences.
The European view point of exploitation of women in Europe compared to the African American women shows an inaccurate judgment. If rape is to women compared to …show more content…

Three forms of oppression first sexism dominated by men, racism suffered from appropriation of her country by the colonial and class division mercy of the capitalist exploitation. Women must fight and realize the system that is controlling and denying them, that system is patriarchal and phallocratic. Many were unconscious whether to rebel against this system that exploits them or accept it and remained in slavery. So many women were confused on what they should do because if they rebel they were dehumanized and disposed of.
Phallocratic and patriarchy maintained sexual violence and controlled women. Their way of controlling was to rape, female genital mutilation, force marriage and polygamy. European did not succeed in wiping out the black African civilization. Thiam credits the mothers/ancestors of the country, they held on to their belief to keep African civilization alive. In the phallocratic system European women and African women suffers oppression and exploitation by the capitalist as the male worker. Women also struggle wage on their own native land. Women and man fighting and bearing arms for the liberation of their country, only then they are seen to be equal as man. Women are capable just as men in assimilating skills of guerrilla warfare.
On the other hand, the same dominance shown fighting for their country alongside the males, the patriarchal society have not yet rid them of the customs such as tattooing, wearing the veil, housekeeping

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