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BRAND AUDIT OF CADBURY DAIRY MILK Presented By: Group 1: Sonia Dadlani Leena Chellani Pallavi Vats Chandan Pahelwani Nikunj Gajara Atirek Neeraj Yashwant TABLE OF CONTENTS LIST OF FIGURES ABSTRACT The journey of Cadbury started way back in the year 1905 from Bourneville, UK. But it came to Indian market in 1948. From the time it was introduced in India, Dairy Milk has been the market leader in the confectionery segment. It has average daily sales of 1 Million bars. The reason that our group chose Cadbury Dairy Milk for the Brand Audit is that it provides us with ample scope to study the various aspects of Branding like Communication Strategies, Innovative Ad Campaigns, and Emotional…show more content…
In following two years these brands were discontinued as they were not successful. Indian Market The Dairy Milk Brand alone accounts for approximately 33% of total Cadbury’s sales. It has made Cadbury the number one confectionery brand in the market. Currently in India, Dairy Milk has following sub-brands under its name. They are; BRAND POSITIONING The Brand Positioning of Cadbury Dairy Milk in mid 90’s was that chocolate is not only for kids but also for adults. And to prove this they immediately released the very popular” Real Taste of Life” campaign , shifting the focus from “just for kids” to “ kid in all of us”. Let us see the Brand Positioning of Dairy Milk on segmentation bases on two main bases. And they are: Demographic Dairy Milk silk is little higher in cost compared to ordinary Dairy Milk, Fruit and Nut and Crackle. But still people love to have Dairy Milk. Silk is the premium Brand of Dairy Milk Behavioral As we know that Dairy Milk is the only Brand who is the only one to promote chocolate as an important part of Festivals as well as it changed the mind sets of the people that chocolate is not only for kids but for all. The strategy to target adults was taken further with the help of a brand new positioning “Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye”. For Indians occasions and festivals have utmost importance and Dairy Milk rigorously focused on this point and set a new trend of having Dairy


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