Baba And Amir Relationship Essay

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The vicissitude for Baba and Amir due to peregrinating to the U.S. An observational dissertation of the Kite Runner by Rory Jarrett In this piece of writing I will attempt to convey my understandings of the change in dynamics between Baba and Amir due to their journey to the United States of America. I believe that one of the reasons that the relationship changed between the father and son was initiated by the change in culture and location. A relationship is formed around circumstances. And the circumstances that are common place in Kabul and America differ drastically. In Kabul, a land structured on religion, blood ties and a person’s honour and integrity, a relationship must be confined to within these constraints. For a person to be …show more content…

In Kabul, Baba was strict, rough and controlling, trying to shape Amir into himself in order to prepare him for the environment of Kabul he would experience when he grows up. In America, without having the knowledge of the society and culture and accepting that his son already has a better grasp of it than he will ever have, Baba becomes more relaxed, giving up on attempting to control Amir. The gap in control between the two makes space for them to be more open and friendly, enjoying the discrepancies of character between the two rather than trying to iron it out. For Baba, the change of society was very difficult. He was a grown man, stubborn in his ways and reluctant to accept defeat or compromise. He struggled to learn English and always believed that he would return to Kabul, making the knowledge of the language redundant. Baba’s transformation from a very wealthy man in Kabul to a petrol attendant was difficult for both him and Amir. Amir on the other hand Learnt English easily and transferred his writing capabilities between the languages with time. He attended a university and settled in with American customs yet still partook in the Afghan ways out of respect for his father and Soraya’s

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