Baby Love Advertisement Photo Is Filled With Disturbing Emotions

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Baby love advertisement photo is filled with disturbing emotions. The image is filled with harmful voices, from setting up a nursery from hell to the mom reclining thinking deep about what she has done. As she prepares for the arrival of her unborn child as she is sitting down, she has and will continue to inhale on the cigarette that is burning slowly with regrets of her turning it on. Her shirt is lifted and her hand is touching her stomach while she can ash out the cigarette on the ash tray on her baby bump. I believe that mothers shouldn’t be judged for the poor choices that they make, yet they should be supported with any addiction including smoking, there should be support groups.
As her emotions run through the image of being barefaced with the cigarette. The words are more prevailing “A mother can be her baby’s worst enemy”. As the mother looks convinced, she knows what harm she is doing to herself and her child. The caption on the photo uses pathos, using meaningful language to get the message across of anti-smoking during pregnancy.
“Smoking makes it harder for women to get pregnant.” (Tobacco Use and Pregnancy, 2016). Every cigarette you smoke increases the risk of you and your unborn child. A pack a day habit during pregnancy can cut half a pound your child’s birth weight. While a few cigarettes are safer than a pack or two. Delivering a smaller baby can have negative consequences that may last a lifetime. The unborn child’s lungs may not work on their own,

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