Bach 's Complex Compositional Style

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Bach’s complex compositional style incorporates religious and numerological symbols that fit perfectly together in a puzzle of musical code. Demanding unfaltering facility in dexterity, precise pitch, particularly in the multiple stoppings, as well as sensitivity to implied polyphonic and harmonic textures. These exceptional works may be the closest thing we have to a “perfect” composition, so why is it that musicians have drastically different alterations and interpretations of his works? It is as if quality, intensity, duration, and even pitch are subject to the performer’s adaptation. By mapping out these alterations performers make to Bach’s music, it becomes possible to map out their respective musical personalities. As…show more content…
Drive of rhythm sets the motion of the piece, whether or not it will be slow or fast, moving from strong to weak beats, creating a pulse. Finally, the expression of form is the full statement of the piece. It is the contrast between high points and pulling back, frantic moments of fury versus subdued passages. Combined, these details will be used to analyze the musical message the artists, Hilary Hahn and Jascha Heifetz are trying to convey to their listeners. Hilary Hahn’s rendition of the Allemand averages at about 80 beats a quarter note. This relatively slow tempo accompanied by her deep tone and clarity in pitch creates a dramatic and somber impression. She shapes the phrases with slurs followed by articulate punctuation notes. Contour is created with crescendos to an emphasized bass voice and slight decrescendos to a soft and singing soprano voice. Together, they flow back and forth in search of the resolving major chord in the middle of the movement. In the second half of the piece Hahn returns to the minor mode. Again, swelling and decaying phrases are used, climaxing in peaks of scalar sentences, all building to the final chord in D. In the Corrente, Hahn bites down on the first full quarter note, releases, then builds to an upbeat passage of about 116 beats per quarter note. Driven with a dance-like pulse, Hahn playfully performs runs, mixed with short and light measures of dotted eighth and sixteenth groups. She phrases by emphasizing the lowest

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