Child Sexual Abuse In Nigeria Essay

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In order to draft this report data and information obtained from different surveys and research papers have been considered. Statistical facts relevant to subject of report also become part of this report. Thorough discussion has been done in order to elaborate the topic in question. Facts have been brought through interviews, questionnaires and internet browsing. Relevant sources have been properly referred.
This report is presented to bring the harsh facts regarding Social Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Nigeria, author do hope this piece of paper will bring the light on relevant facts and concerned authorizes take some steps to make the condition better.
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Child sexual abuse is an immorality that is desolately predominant in our world today. The definition of sexual exploitation with children happens when an elder person, a youth or an adult uses a child or youth for his or her own sexual satisfaction (Biodun, 2000). By definition a child is under the Child’s Rights Act any person under the age of eighteen years. (Laws of the Federation of Nigeria, 2004)
Children are used for all kinds of sexual falsification which range from rape to desecration and use of children for pornography as well. This kind of defilement includes all kinds of activities from rape of any opening on the child, to touching the genitals of the child, to imposing the child to fondle or touch the genitals of the abuser. It also includes acts of compelling the child to observe sexually explicit things in any form like broadcasting, directly or reading.

Compared to an adult a child is more vulnerable as a child requires more care and protection from anything which may result in a potential harm to him or her. Regrettably a good number of people take advantage of the vulnerability a child is prone to and result in exploitation of the child. Sexual exploitation of children has become a significant part of communities all over the world.
Statistics and Demographics of Child Sexual Abuse in Nigeria present in current literature:
According to the British National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, provided statistics on Child

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