Coun 611 Lasting Effects of Child Sexual Abuse

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Kayci Glass
COUN 611-B11
Liberty University

This paper reviews several articles that discuss the lasting effects that sexual abuse can have on a child into their adult years. The articles agree that victims of child sexual abuse (CSA) will most likely suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or experience revictimization. This paper will also address the common forms of coping that victims of child sexual abuse take part in. Some research will touch on proper healing techniques for victims of CSA to receive.

Lasting Effects of Child Sexual Abuse Sexual violation of a child is one of the world’s darkest crimes. In most cases the victim’s view of the world and themselves is completely changed. This paper will
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19). A great majority of children that are sexually abused will show moderate to severe symptoms at some point in their life (Hornor, 2010). The degree of symptomatic behavior depends on the type and severity of sexual abuse, the age and gender of the child, the age and gender of the perpetrator, the relationship between the child and the perpetrator, accompanying physical abuse, and the number, frequency, and duration of abuse (Bahali et al., 2010). Short-term effects of CSA include: impulsive behavior (aggressiveness, hostility), emotional distress (anxiety, fear, and somatic complaints), low self-esteem, dissociative symptoms (amnesia, forgetfulness, dreaming, multiple personality disorder, and fainting), and conversion disorder (Bahali et al., 2010). Long-term effects include: post-traumatic stress disorder, depressive disorder, sexual dysfunction, borderline personality disorder, somatization, eating disorders, self-destructive or suicidal behavior, repeated victimization, criminal behavior, substance abuse and prostitution (Bahali et al., 2010). In agreement, Ozbaran et al., (2008) reported that sexually abused children have a high incidence of behavior problems including anxiety, depression, attention problems, aggression, social problems, social withdrawal, and somatization. Genital CSA is
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