Background And Contextualization Of Legal Education

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Background and Contextualization of the Issue
The Online Graduate Legal Education Program at Florida Coastal School of Law is offered to lawyers who already have a first degree in law from outside the United States. The online program offers a convenient and flexible opportunity for foreign attorneys who are not able to attend traditional face-to-face classes for various reasons, yet wish to obtain a Master’s degree in the U.S. Law. Students enrolled in the online graduate legal education program are in different parts of the world and balance family, work, and school at the same time.
The curriculum includes many bar-tested subjects and incorporates state-specific distinctions. Students can complete the program …show more content…

Moreover, due to the reason that the distance learning also mentions to courses taught online by using the technology through the web-based system, McLaren (2004) had used the terms distance learning and online instructions interchangeably in his complete article (McFarland & Hamilton, 2005).
According to 1990s Campbell, Floyd, & Sheridan, (2011) online learning has been practiced in many forms since 1990. In online learning, both students and instructors are getting the benefits as there is a significant advancement in the technology and that has completed supported the online learning courses. Though many universities are offering the online courses worldwide on the other side the perception about the online courses is still not positive, and the traditional degree is ruling the commercial recruiters.
Problem Statement Three major factors that affects the satisfaction of students within the online research and writing course include the learner relevance, technology competence, and active learning. In addition, this paper has identified the instructor and student communication, course

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