Bad Girls : Women For Women

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Bad Girls: Women for Women On February 2nd of 2012 artist M.I.A released the music video for her song “Bad Girls”, the video shows just that, bad girls, who were doing the exact opposite of what their sexual discourse is defined as. The video takes place in a desolate middle-eastern town, it features one of a kind stunt driving as cars drift on two wheels while M.I.A and others casually sit on top of them. It features other amazing car stunts and M.I.A dancing alongside people armed with weapons, there are similar scenes throughout showing this controlled chaos. Though what truly separates this music video from the norm is that women are the ones doing the stunts and holding the guns, while the men are on the sidelines cheering on and dancing in the background. M.I.A and director Romain Gavras show a different reality and change the typical associations of sexuality and power that viewers expect from a music video. The writing of Hélèn Cixous in her essay “The Laugh of the Medusa” relates directly to what M.I.A and Gavras set out to accomplish in their video. In the text Cixous talks emphatically about how women must be for women and place themselves into the masculine world with their own movement, not the ones predetermined by the dominant male cultural codes. This is exactly what happens with M.I.A.’s “Bad Girls” music video, she places women in the role of men by having them driving the cars and holding the guns. “Bad Girls” is a visual representation of what Cixous

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