Balancing The Four Bottom Lines

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Balancing The Four Bottom Lines In Small Business There are numerous reasons why an individual decided to become an entrepreneur. Naturally, one of the purposes of founding a business is to generate income for the entrepreneur (Hoffman & Casnocha, 2012). However, it is also understood there is more to gauging the success of a venture than purely just the profitability, or bottom line (Hoffman & Casnocha, 2012). In a concept noted as The Four Bottom Lines, success is gauged on more humanistic criteria (Katz & Green, 2013). The four bottom lines are referred to as The firm, Community, Family, and Yourself (Katz & Green, 2013). The thought behind The four bottom lines concept is to measure an entrepreneur’s satisfaction through the …show more content…

The firm. Mrs. Lopez is quite content with her little Java Hut Express. Although she never scaled the concept, the Java Hut has managed to keep it’s door open as a single location concept. The coffee shoppe’s success comes despite of patches of troubled economic times for the city of Lake Elsinore. While Mrs. Lopez was, understandably, unwilling to discuss the financials of her business, it is publicly available the enterprise nets < $500,000 USD per year ("Manta", 2016). Community. The Java Hut Express is one of the most popular small businesses in the town of 62,000 in which it resides. The Java Hut’s owner uses her business as a soap box to display messages she finds important such as “All Lives Matters” banners and flags. According to Mrs. Lopez this helps her feel like she is a part of the community, rather than just a fixture within it. She also employs three local high school students, working with the youth seems to be something she enjoys. Family. Mrs. Lopez cites wanting to spend time with her family a chief factor in determining the personal feasibility of her business. When her children were still in school, she missed getting them ready in the mornings as the coffee shoppe requires her to be their very early in the morning. Self. Now, ten years into her business Mrs. Lopez says she finally feels the final bottom line is shaping into place for her. She cites her long term success with the business as being self

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