General Leadership Analysis and Case Studies

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Background and Introduction Fatimah is a 30-year-old woman who owns and manages her own fashion brand label and design company. She started her business 2005. In addition to managing her business, Fatimah is the mother of three adorable kids, ages 5, 7, and 9. In her fashion company, she heads a team of 26 employees ranging from tailors, salesperson, drivers, and secretaries. Fatimah supervises operations, coordinates her staff, and displays good leadership and communication skills. She also interacts regularly with clients and suppliers. Khalid is a 30-year old male. He owns his own car wash station, which he started two years ago. His business is already successful. He went from two to 30 employees in a matter of eight months, and now his team of 30 employees accomplishes goals and tasks varying from washing cars to doing the accounting for the company. Khalid communicates regularly with suppliers that provide his business with the materials used to wash cars. He also displays great leadership skills, in the way he manages staff and coordinates operations. General Leadership Analysis: Fatimah Fatimah exhibits the qualities of a democratic/participative leader. Her leadership style works especially well in an organization dedicated to the goal of creativity and design. When she works, she engages her employees, asks for their opinions, and solicits their ideas for new designs and alterations to existing ones. Fatimah credits her employees when they do good work,
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