Ballet's External Image In Center Stage

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The world evokes the idea that becoming a professional dancer is a nonsensical career choice that includes anything to do with tiaras, tutus, tights, and sparkles. But in reality, most have no idea of the true hard work and passion that goes into this art form. In many ways, ballet’s external image does not reflect the internal one. The film that best depicts this internal image is Center Stage. Center Stage is directed by Nicholas Hytner, and it follows seven young ballet dancers through their first year of advanced training in the fictional American Ballet Academy in New York City. At the end of the year, the prestigious company will only allow six dancers to join them, and each and every dancer must work hard to achieve the contract by the end of the season. When the characters are not dancing, one witnesses these characters struggling in everyday issues including: unforgiving criticism, relationship troubles, and even eating disorders. Although this drama contains a few predictable clichéd scenes, it is iconic in its portrayal of how difficult it is to succeed …show more content…

Some fail, others do well, and still others take a path that is not expected. Finishing with the big dance finale on the stage, much like a final exam in school, the film ends perfectly clichéd allowing one to leave it with feelings of only contentment. For this reason and for the fantastic choreographed pieces, everyone should take the opportunity to see this film. Overall the feelings of contentment, coupled with the innovative look into the professional dance world show the truth of ballet. A truth that has not been displayed in other similar dance movies, illustrating that the dancers tolerate many demands but somehow end up exactly where they are supposed to be. Largely, this describes life at its best; especially when one is trying to reach their

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