Orchesis Concert Report

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A piece I enjoyed at the Orchesis concert titled Here Nor There was REVIVAL, which featured choreography by Jonahira Cordero and music composed by Mike Wall. It has been a privilege to watch this piece develop since its performance debut at the Choreographer’s Showcase this past fall. I believe the dancer’s movement in the piece was strong, even though there seems to be a force that overpowers them. The movement and overall essence of the dancers never seemed weak; however there was a force or being that was initially stronger than them. The movement itself was very grounded; it required a strong sense of core and body connectivity in every movement phrase, especially because their arms were bound with cloth for most of the piece. I believe…show more content…
This dance functions as an act of catharsis. Whether the dancers were actually going through struggles in their own lives or imitating emotions, there was a release of energy from the dancers. As an audience member witnessing this piece, I felt a release of energy because I could relate to the scenario these dancers were portraying. I also believe this dance portrays art as understanding. I am not totally positive of the intentions of the choreographer, but it seems the idea behind this piece is personal have been personally experienced. The dancers had a breathtaking portrayal of struggle and the feeling of finally being free from the force that was holding them…show more content…
Although the title seems to lead to a certain story depicted in the piece I did not focus on that. Whatever story attempting to be told was not as enticing as the movement and choreography. British philosopher R.G Collinwood argues that if we do not find more than just entertainment and amusement in a piece then “we have missed the thing most worth finding”. Even though I did not find a story or plot line within the piece I left with a sense of empowerment and inspiration watching my fellow colleagues dance with such abandon on
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