Essay on Ban Religion from Social Work

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Over the past decades, social workers have encountered and helped children who have experienced unimaginable types of abuse. In most cases the abuse is done by someone who the child is already familiar with. Usually, the child will become close to the person and put their faith in them only to receive harm and betrayal of trust. And in what kinds of abusive situations does a child tend to end up more mentally distraught? The answer is during religious abuse. Social workers know about the children that have been done wrong by men and women who claim to be spiritual leaders, yet many of them claim religion as well, as the means to help the religiously abused children. Religion should not be included in social work, period. Social workers …show more content…

The children may then feel scornful toward the religion because the individuals that claimed it separated them from each other, causing everlasting feelings of bitterness and unforgiveness. Another reason religion should be excluded from social work is that when the religiously abused children become adults, they may develop feelings of anxiety and doubt toward religion and the individuals that claim it. For example, a young boy who experiences rape by a Catholic priest and who is given assistance by a social-working organization run by other Catholic priests may think “How are these people different from the man that raped me”? The child may also declare all religious folks to be hypocrites because of the abuse given to him by his religious leader/s. In the end, the young child may grow up doubting and fearing all religions due to wrongful inclusion of religion into social work. Lastly, religion should not be included in social work because while religiously abused individuals are under the care of religious social-working organizations, they may constantly think of the religious persons by whom they have received abuse. After children are traumatized, they may constantly have memories and dreams about their experiences if there are things around them that trigger those memories. If they are constantly reminded of their abuse, they can develop mental illnesses like depression, PTSD or

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