Bandit in the House

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Kwan bumped into Tim at the top of the staircase. Kwan looked pale, while his breathe was rapid. Kwan kept scanning over his shoulder. Tim spoke, "Did you find them?" "Let's go," Kwan declared as he begun taking the stairs. "Boys, can I a moment with you," a determined Giselle spoke. Giselle's profile came visible from the shadows of the hallway. Tim noticed Giselle's eyeliner was smudged. Giselle never looked out of place. Did she cry? Where was Daniel? Had Daniel upset Giselle? "It's kind of boring here, so Tim and I are heading out," Kwan said. Tim was startled with Kwan's assertiveness as he looked to Kwan. Without warning, the three of them heard a quarrel below them. They recognized Ms Loren and Coach Russell's voices overlapping. The three begun downward and at the midway landing, they saw Cara and Bryan with the other students behind their chaperones. It was an heated exchange. Giselle observed two rifle carrying men blocking the group's exit from the Grand Foyer. There was Ms. Loren, in her matronly manner readjusting her glasses, while Coach Russell trying to resolve the situation. They continued. Giselle reached the last step, she asked, "What's the problem?" Ms Loren said, "These gentlemen here are asking us to pay an admission fee before we can leave the Palace. I think they are bandits." "Someone tell me how much do they want?" Bryan declared. Cara just shook her head, then she realized her diamond necklace gave off a sparkle. Worrisome, Cara

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