Bangladesh Labour Law Amendment 2013

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Bangladesh Parliament
Dhaka, 22 July, 2013/07 Shrabon, 1420
The following Act adopted by the Parliament has been assented by the President on 22 July,
2013 (07 Shrabon, 1420) and it is hereby published for the information of the public:-

Act No. 30 of 2013
An Act adopted to amend further the Bangladesh Labour Act, 2006
(Act No. 42 of 2006)
Since it is obliged and important to bring further amendments to the Bangladesh Labour
Act, 2006;
Therefore, the following Act is adopted thereby:1. Short Title and Introduction. (i) This Law shall be called the Bangladesh Labour
(Amendment) Act, 2013.
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4. Amendment to Section 3 of the Act No. 42 of 2006.- Following of the Section 3 of the said Act(a) At the end of the Sub-Section (1), the full-stop shall be replaced by a semi-colon and thereafter following conditions shall be inserted, e.g.,
“Further provided that the establishments where this Act is not applicable shall not make any Policy, Rule, House-Policy giving less favourable facilities compare to this Act.”
(b) In Sub-Section (2), the words ”six months” shall be replaced by ”ninety days;”
(c) In Sub-Section (4), after the word ”and,” ”the Government shall resolve that appeal within 45 (forty five) days from its receipt” shall be inserted.
5. Insertion of Section 3a into the Act No. 42 of 2006.- After Section 3 of the said Act a new Section 3a shall be inserted as follows,

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