Bankruptcy Case Study

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Mr Sawlwin It has now been a while since you were requested a supply a competent Solicitors details , Contact information that my Legal representatives can communicate with your legal representative directly Thru past experiences with you and your interesting attitude to Legal matters , We have decided it is better in the interests of seeking Law applied to deal direct with your Solicitor and cost effective We have decided that we will not entertain any direct dealing with you We have engaged Private investigators to secure your and Penelope ’s residential location so that Court related documents can be served on you and your ex-wife You both have been given ample time to satisfy and service the debt that you owe and the debt is …show more content…

with you regarding Threat to harm ABC Director’s that reside in Queensland and for other elements , they were not clear on what the matter was related about You have also breached Bail conditions and Domestic Violence Protection Order that the SAPOL had placed on you SAPOL seek my Digital Audio recordings where you seek my and others involvement to cause harm to persons that you have issues with You further Travelled and attempted to track down Penelope’s partner at that time a Stewart when you were on bail and Domestic Violence Conditions applied to you You further made comment that you were to harm Department of Corrections officers Mr Sawlwin I have had it with you and your continued false representations that you have been feeding to Beverly Joy Sawlwin , my ex mother which you seem to be getting a real kick out of causing continued trouble towards myself the following is just a snippet of what you entertained to cause me trouble , just to get you out of paying money that you owe me You have contacted the Australian Federal Police You have Contacted the Australian Taxation office You have Contacted the Child Support Agency You have Contacted the South Australian Work Cover Authority You have contacted the Queensland department of Corrections For many years I have been feeding you false information and that false information was stated to me by My ex mother Beverly Joy Sawlwin , your mother It has been represented to me to inform you to STOP

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