Banner Health: Healthcare for the Future Essay

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Banner Health Banner Health is a nonprofit organization that consists of twenty-four acute care hospitals and health care facilities in seven different states. In 1999, Samaritan Health System merged together with Lutheran Health Systems to form what is currently known as Banner Health. This organization prioritizes their aim to make a difference in their patients’ lives by providing exceptional patient care. Banner Health utilizes music therapy, massage therapy, aromatherapy, and pet therapy as an integral part of the healing process for their patients. They also offer specialized care through various types of services such as Alzheimer’s Care, Cancer Care, and Emergency Care. Banner Health is involved in certain programs that will help …show more content…

Technology is a big part of Banner Health which gives convenience and efficiency to the patients. Banner Health has gotten as advanced in technology that they are able to treat or eliminate tumors without getting involved surgically. They use electronic medical records such as lab reports, imaging reports, notes, and patient’s past medical and surgical history in order to make information readily available to the care providers. Banner Health Care System also incorporates eICU in its’ organization. eICU is a system where critical care nurses and health unit secretaries, care for the patient (Trenary). This makes it possible for clinicians to monitor six different units in five different hospitals. With this program ICU patients can be given enhanced care and further complications can be prevented sooner. Banner Health makes use of performance management as well to compare their performance with the performance of other hospitals that are thriving in the world. They evaluate quality of care in areas such as stroke, ICU, and heart failure to determine what is the best method of practice. Network Growth In 1991 Banner Health started out with 32 hospitals in 14 states with 22,500 employees and 2,882 beds (Banner Health). Currently, their organization has grown to 35,000 employees and 4,360 beds. They also plan to open a Fort Collins facility in 2015

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