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Allergies, Autism, Cancer, and many other serious diseases are becoming more and more common in the United States. As scientists and doctors try to find reasoning behind the drastic incline of some of these diseases, most seem to respond with a similar answer, GMOs. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms and are created by mixing nature with science. Although it does not sound horrible, the outcomes are extremely negative. Over 60 countries have banned GMO crops and seeds because of the horrible effects of ingesting the food produced. Therefore, genetically modified organisms should be banned from the United States as well. They should be banned because they cause several health issues including gluten disorders, the sudden increase of autism diagnostics, and the unexplainable agitated behaviors of children and animals. Some other effects include the harm to the environment and the increasing usage of pesticides. 18 million Americans…show more content…
GMO crops initially started out to be resistant to bugs and weeds without pesticides because of the chemical makeup of the seeds. This was found to be a major benefit of GMOs because there was no longer a need to use pesticides on crops in order to keep the plants alive. However, this slowly started to change, the bugs and weeds eventually created a tolerance towards the GM chemical fields and were no longer dying off naturally. In fact farmers today are becoming more dependent on using pesticides and are “spraying up to three coats of pesticides this year” (Stauffer). These pesticides being used are far more toxic than before because the weeds are bigger and stronger after being exposed to GMOs. The weed growth is what people say to be “nature’s strike back to science.” Not only are GMOs alone bad for the human body but also adding extreme toxic pesticides to the picture creates more health issues for the environment and

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