Bar Code Medication Administration Procedure

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Bar-Code Medication Administration

Caroline Sonbay

University of Michigan - Flint

Bar-Code Medication Administration

Nursing in today?s society involves more than technical skills, critical thinking, and compassion. It also is changing to add the ability to not only understand but be able to utilize technology to impact a patient?s health. There are many technological changes employed in healthcare practices, however, I have chosen to address bar-code medication administration or BCMA. According to an article in the Journal of Patient Safety, ?bar-code medication administration has been shown to be effective in reducing patient medical errors, yet is still only utilized in 5% of the country?s health care facilities? (Sands, Slebodnik, & Young, 2010). Medication errors are common in hospitals and often lead not only to patient harm, but also lengthy hospital stays and law suits. ?One study identified 6.5 adverse events related to medication use per 100 inpatient admissions, more than one fourth of these events were due to errors and were therefore preventable? (Bane, et. al., 2010).

What is bar-code medication administration? Quite simply, it is a system in which a hand-held barcode scanner ?reads? a barcode on a medication and a patient identification band and links it in an electronic medical records software. It facilitates the nurse?s…
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