Barack Obama 's Presidential Election Essay

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After a gruelling long primary for both major parties, the Republican and Democratic Parties, Hillary Clinton emerged as the favorite-to-win the 2016 election, and several magazines stating before Election Day that Clinton had already won. On November 8th, Newsweek released “125,000 copies” of magazines with the title of “Madam President: Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House” (Greenslade). During the Democratic Primaries, Hillary Clinton’s campaign had already decided on Tim Kaine to be her Vice-President, and decided whom to pick for her Cabinet. Additionally, Hillary Clinton was endorsed by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and a dozen of other newspapers, and endorsed by hundreds of politicians, celebrities, businessmen, and activists, thus, a great sum of people had confidence that she would win the 2016 Presidential Election (Berke, Harrington). The day before Election Day, pollsters from various organizations, such as New York Times, FiveThirtyEight, and the Huffington Post, predicted Hillary Clinton would win the Presidency of the United States by overwhelming margins, such as 85%, 71%, and 98% respectively. (Katz).
When the results of voting on Election Day were released, Republican Nominee Donald J. Trump won the presidency with 290 electoral votes and 61,201,031 popular votes, compared to Clinton’s 232 electoral votes and 62,523,126 popular votes. Although Donald Trump lost the popular vote, he had won where it

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