Barbie Essay : Negatives And Negatives Of Barbie

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Negatives of Barbie
The doll "Barbie" has been around for generations to generations. Barbie is a popular fashion doll bought by parents and children all around the world. From "Dr. Barbie", to "Barbie Life in the Dream House", many individuals proclaim that she has the perfect body, perfect hair, perfect skin, and perfect clothes. The children who are big fans of Barbie, especially think this. Throughout the years, the makers of Barbie "Mattel" have made a few changes such as different body types, and different ethnicities. But, Barbie is just an unrealistic image of what some people would like to look like.
Barbie has impacted many people's lives in many different ways, boys and girls! When a child first gets their first Barbie, their excitement and happiness is over the top. Barbie is a best friend, teacher, and most of all a role model to most children. Not only do children like this doll because they can dress up the doll, but they can also play out their future. Barbie is very successful with her careers, houses, cars, looks, and with her boyfriend Ken. Sadly, there are many, many negatives to this doll. For example, her clear skin, body weight, long blonde hair, luscious lips, long skinny legs, and many other unrealistic things. Although, children do not think much about their appearance when they are a child, it does affect them when they are older. They start noticing they do not look perfect like Barbie. They do not have clear skin, nor do they have the perfect
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