Barry Bonds: Should People Use Anabolic Steroids

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Introduction: Have you ever heard of Barry Bonds? If you have heard of him you might already know that he holds the record for most home runs in baseball history. While he was put on the top of the MLB’s home run list he lost his teammates trust because of that one item. His life was destroyed along with the trust of his fans and his family, do to a drug called steroids. He took steroids to become a better player. Sadly this drug has many negative side effects but to this day people will still take them.

Thesis statement: People should not use anabolic steroids do because they affect your mental stability, and health/Side Effects.

II. The mind may not be stable after this drug. One effect might be road rage which increases the speed you
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You also might go psychotic witch could resort in suicidal thoughts. There's could also be a Change in your dopamine system resulting in the feeling of lessor more pain.

III.: steroids may also sadly affect growth in a negative and positive way. IN some male cases they have found a delayed puberty. They may also find a decrease in your height . You may also be lucky and get a earlier growth spurt but will not be as much as a normal growth spirt.

III.B: There has also been a chance of enlarged kidneys. There is also a risk of a enlarged heart. The enlarged heart will also cause you ventricles so become inflamed. In some cases they have noticed bones have stopped growing reducing your height and physical appearance

IV.:The side affects that some have experienced. Some people have noticed they get fatigued faster. Others have just became restless and have lost their appetite. There has also been craving for steroids. There have also been balding.

IV.: These effects also could affect women. Some women have gotten facial hair. They have also seen a balding pattern similar to males. The occasion of a deepened voice have happened to most
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