Barry Jenkins 'Moonlight'

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I downloaded Moonlight off the internet last night. I often watch films with my parents but they usually think they're shit. Moonlight is one of few films that really hit home, so much so that I have spent this last day creating this blog to write about it. Not really sure if this will become a thing. Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight is a masterful queer coming-of-age story told in three parts - Two years after Richard Linklater’s masterpiece Boyhood composed a unique passage of time portraying realistic preciousness of a young man on the journey to manhood, Jenkins continues the coming-of-age instrument further from Linklater. Diving into the brutal conditions of Miami streets, Moonlight shatters the dated template of masculinity with a potent story of closeted homosexuality among black men. The film rises above the wrongful stereotypes associated with sexual orientation and urban environments. Set in the predominantly African-American Liberty City neighbourhood of Miami, Moonlight unfolds in structure as numerous key turning points in the life of a boy named Chiron. Meek in personality and small in stature, the rudderless nine-year-old Chiron (Alex Hibbert) we meet is ostracised and physically bullied frequently by his classmates. Only one friend named Kevin (Jaden Piner) extends some form of friendship to the boy his …show more content…

The arc from the innocence of the little boy to the uncomfortable vulnerability hiding underneath the muscles and gold fronts of the hardened adult is moving on multiple levels. Observing his difficulties forces you to absorb the conflict and inescapable trepidation that surrounds the shared character. Pressing his heart to your own makes for one of the most moving and rewarding film experiences of the past few

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