Baseline Analysis Paper

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The study of research is a within-groups design for the selection of concussed symptomatic athletes, concussed asymptomatic athletes and non-concussed control athletes. The study occurs covers in a five year analysis of the college athletics. The analysis will occur from the college athlete while in as a college athlete. The process of the study starts with the evaluation of the participants. The college athletes would need to release their previous medical history and testing of concussion baselines. If the athlete's refuses to release the information, then they will be dismissed from the study. The baseline assessments should have been completed during their freshman year preseason when all athletes were healthy and free from injury. Before the examination starts, …show more content…

The study is a longitudinal study which they will end in 5 years. The athletes will be tested the time after concussion. To begin with the study, the group of study will take each test to get a baseline. The trial will begin with a Symptom Assessment Scale (SAS) before going into the neurocognitive assessment for a concussion. During the self-reported symptomatic (SRS) timeline after injury, the athlete's will self-survey their symptoms each week. Then, the athlete will complete the neurocognitive assessment testing of MACE, SCAT-2, SCAT-3, and ImPACT. For starter, the test will be given to the athlete after 24 hours of symptoms free. Each athlete had to meet the following criteria of completed a baseline assessment on the particular test and SAS before the injury, diagnosed with a concussion and given a follow-up assessment conducted within 72 hours of the injury and denied any symptoms at the SRA assessment point. After 24 hours of the free sign. The testing will have a motor skill of mechanical movement and gross movement. The first test is a baseline to see if any changes occur when the athlete is retested in two-year

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