Basic Skills Needed to Succeed

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CNA is one of the most demanding job opening. They provide direct patient care to help with daily living activities. Their responsibilities are to lift and transferred patients, personal care, taking vital signs, maintaining cleanliness, and documenting care. All CNA should have this major skills excellent verbal and written skills in order to communicate with others. Observation skills in other to know when somebody’s health is deteriorating and be able to help them out. In every job you have to learn how to follow rules and directions to avoid misunderstanding and consequences. Lastly but not least I think this is the most important of all you have to have empathy and compassion for you patients especially when working with elderly patients. Social skills are a key role when it comes to working as a CNA, employers focus on many of them, a couple of them are being an outgoing and professional person. Employers usually try to hire somebody that they could rely on, somebody that is going to get along with everyone and “fit in” as they called it. They also look for somebody that is professional that knows what is expected of them and someone that’s going to try to meet their expectations. I considered myself to be an extrovert as well as an introvert person. I say that Im both because at the beginning you could say im shy and not much of a talker but im that kind a person that has to know the people first before I become really friendly with them and talkative. I like

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