Basic Truths about Self-Fulfilling Prohpecy

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Self-fulfilling prophecy is a basic concept of believing something wrong or right and using that mindset to determine the outcome. Some argue it is socially motivated other say it is internally generated through the wanting of something so bad. My general consensus is that self-fulfilling prophecy is a true concept, based on several mitigating factors including but not limited to family environment, educational interaction and medical settings.

As stated several circumstances can contribute to your self fulfilling prophecy. Family are one of the key players in the self-fulfilling prophecy. Your parents the first people you see after being born, they teach the rules, right from wrong help you learn basic concepts of life. Both parents play a huge roll in the self-fulfilling prophecy, by encouraging you and pushing you to your farthest limits until you reach the stars, or they can go just the opposite and break you down until you think nothing of yourself, and instil the thought of hopelessness. Either way you are raised has an effect on yourself and the way you perceive yourself, for example your father is an alcoholic and so was his father and your mother says your are going to be just like your father as your grow up hearing this over and over again it can make a huge impact bringing life to a self-fulfilling prophecy of your alcoholism. Or you could have a father that encourages you to learn new things, follow through set goals and reach them, he has higher

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