Basketball Game Research Paper

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Since the age of 12 I have playing basketball it all started at my elementary school playground. I had never played the game before but when I started to shoot the ball it had just gave me a lot of passion. It started to be always on my mind and took most of my time. I had started to come home and watch youtube videos on famous players and players that I wanted to model my game after. Then I had loved it so much that I asked my mom to put me on a team and that's what happened. I joined a team called KDS and we traveled everywhere just played tournaments and that got me to making the decision of I want to play this in my future. But I wanted to play this all the time and my school didn't have a team, so I convinced my P.E teacher to start a fifth grade team and we would join the Columbia Public School league, and that's where the journey begin.…show more content…
But I had just spent time getting in the gym and just worked on my skill and craft and was ready for the next year to come up and I could represent my school, and that's what I did I made varsity and we ended with a record with 25-1 losing in the championship but that did stop me I had played that whole summer coming into to my 8th grade year being really good and went on to having the same thing that happen to me in 7th grade going undefeated to losing in the championship but like always it didn't stop my goal and I played all summer coming into my freshman year a father tolton thinking that I was going to be a star but that didn't happen I had to be the backup to a senior that just lead the team to a state championship. But I looked at the brighter side of it and took things from his game and put them into mines and got me way better. But I'm now going into my sophomore year just trying to be the best to play the game and lead my team to a great
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