Basketball In My Life : The Importance Of Basketball

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An extremely meaningful aspect of my life, that is not properly valued until this part of my college admittance, is basketball. Throughout my short adolescent life basketball has taught me equally if not more than my teachers and parents combined. Basketball, among many other values, has taught me the importance of teamwork, leadership, and determination as well as, being able to apply those traits to college or future events. One of the many attributes that I regularly employ is teamwork. Initially, I could only associate teamwork with basketball and its goal to create a cohesive unit with ten or more individuals. This eventually helped me in being able to apply this skill to communication and working with others. One example, of how my teamwork skills positively affected me and my group is color war, a week that my school separates the school into two parts and competes in a plethora of group activities in the ultimate goal of winning. In the span of three and a half days the leaders of the high school upperclassmen, me among others, have to corral 40 plus individuals to work efficiently and expertly in order to complete certain activities by their due dates. Another challenging experience in working with others was in my 10th grade english class. We had a massive ten plus page book report, that accounted for ten percent of our final grade, and my two other partners refused to actively participate in quality work. Nonetheless, this did not affect my determination to

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