Basketball Is The Better Sport

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Basketball is the better sport! For many years they have been many debates on which sport is the better one. For me basketball is better because of the skill required to play it. While playing basketball you don’t always have to be the biggest guy or girl on the court. Notice I said girl, girls can’t play football but they can play basketball. Football is a very rough sport it’s a contact sport meaning you have to make contact with the ball carrier, when playing basketball you don’t have to worry about getting hit in the head during a tackle and possibly suffer a concussion. Basketball also requires you to be a more athletic person because its continuous you’re always running up and down the court. When playing basketball each possession matters and in football one turnover isn’t going to hurt you. Basketball players are assigned specific roles on both sides of the ball whether it be offense or defense. Football players are just assigned one role and that’s just for one side of the ball. Basketball overall, has all of the characteristics to designate it as America’s most athletic sport. Basketball has always been played by both genders. Anybody that wants to play basketball can play due to its simplicity to learn. If a girl tried playing football the chances are that when she got hit that she would probably be seriously injured. Actually, now in today’s football they are having to become very strict when it comes to hitting people. Basketball doesn’t require you to be a

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