Basketball Vs Volleyball Research Paper

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There are a lot of ways that basketball and volleyball are different than each other. Basketballs and volleyballs used to play the sport can also have some similarities. You might not think they are similar but they really are. As you read you will find out how they can be different and in other ways also be the same.
Basketball is a game you play with a basketball or other teammates. When you are playing basketball in a game against other people, you run down the court and back, trying to steal the ball or trying to make a basket. Each time the ball goes thru the hoop you get points. The point of the game is to get the most points by being able to get the ball into the basket. You want to be fast and quick and good so that you can outsmart …show more content…

When using a volleyball, you can serve it underhand or overhand. Overhand serve is a serve that people like to use because you can really hit the ball to the other team hard. The point of the game is to get the most points and to be able to hit the ball over the net and to try to make the other team not be able to hit it. When you are at home and by yourself, you can hit it off the wall and it will come back to you. It is like someone is playing with you, but it is just a wall. When someone does play with you at home or wherever you are,you can practice or just volley the ball back and forth to each other. Most schools have a team so if you like volleyball you can go to volleyball practice and even try out for a team where you can play against other schools. A volleyball is around 20-50 dollars if you want to get a good volleyball. A volleyball looks like this. Did you know that volleyballs and basketballs are somewhat similar? As you all know they are both a ball, and people like to play with them. It can be used in a game. You have to pay for them and they are not always cheap. They can have different kinds of colors on them. The balls are used to practice with and in the games they are used to make you team points. You can carry the ball around and you can probably take it wherever you want. These are some things about how it is similar and I am sure there is

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