Power In Basketball Essay

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I have an 18 year-old, male college freshman who was a 3 sports star athlete in high school. He has just completed his off-season work outs. This athlete is every knowledgeable of how to train in the weight room and on the court as he has been lifting since 8th grade. He has created near perfect technique over his prior years of doing offseason workouts. Over the course of this athletes training our primary focus will be power. Along with our focus on power, we will really stress speed, strength, endurance, agility, footwork, and mobility. Our training goals are to increase all these attributes; some more than others. Basketball is a dynamic sport that uses a lot of multi-joint movements. Basketball is a unilateral and bilateral sport in which these two movements are both used in the sport. These bilateral and unilateral movements are attached to common movements you make while you play basketball such as jumping, sprinting, and shooting. The whole body must be trained in a basketball player. The athlete has constant muscle contraction and uses …show more content…

ATP-PC is the most common energy system used in basketball. ATP is short and lasts about 7-10 seconds. This energy system is used for activities where you use short bursts of activity at a time such as full court sprints, jumping for a block, diving for a loose ball, or taking a simple shot. This system requires a recovery time of about 25-30 seconds. The glycolytic energy phase is consistent activity for 15 seconds to 3 minutes. This is when there is intense constant play such as fast breaks and no stoppage of play such as time outs and fouls. The Oxidative is the third energy system used in basketball. In this energy system intensity lowers, but these exercises must last lasts 3 minutes or more to be oxidative. This is hit usually when you condition your basketball players as they need to play intense offense and defense the entire game (Basketball Energy

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