Bat Lady Character Analysis

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Harlan Coben brings excitement to the novel in many ways. All starting with the disappearance of Mickey Bolitar’s girlfriend, Ashley. Along with Mickey meeting the town’s eerie old lady they named “Bat Lady.” And potentially revealing a connection between Bat Lady and the fatal crash that killed Mickey’s dad. Ashley Kent was a prim and proper young girl, the second Mickey saw her he fell in love with her. While witnessing his father's death, and with his mother in rehab, Ashley is the only reason Mickey’s life is liveable, until she goes missing. Mickey then visits the go-go lounge, a club where he’s hoping to find Antoine Lemaire, who may be a possible suspect. Mickey uses a fake ID to get into the club, and ends up being caught by the owner, and the bouncers. When Buddy Ray, the owner of the club, asked Mickey why he was there, Mickey held up a picture of Ashley. Buddy immediately recognized Ashely, due to him keeping her held captive, but earlier that week Ashley had escaped, only making Buddy Ray more mad and proceeded to beat up Mickey for answers. “Here’s what’s going to happen,” Buddy Ray said to me, again with his quit lisp. “With Derrick holding you in place, I'm going to sock you in the gut again. Harder this time. Then if you don't talk, well take you to the dungeon” (Corben 187). “Bat Lady” was the name given to the old lady who lived in the old dilapidated house. The people of newark rumored that she ate children and was 100 years old. One day when Mickey walked

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