Wonder Woman Character Analysis

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Wonder Woman
Can one person create or stop the war? Wonder woman, directed by Petty Jenkin is a superhero origin movie where the main character Diana, the princess of Themyscira (Gal Gadot) is conflicted with this question. She believed that killing the God of war, Ares would stop the war. She is naïve and is unaware of the way of the society. The movie is set in the time of World War I which is favorable as it was a changing time of the history. The movie has a clear and simple plot. The performances of the actors were solid, the action scenes are well-constructed and the special effects have shown the different situations in the movie with a beautiful soundtrack giving it a life. The film showed the development of Diana as a person and shedding of her childhood innocence as she witnessed the horror of wars and ultimately learns that evil is not manifested in one single person.

The movie starts with a beautiful setting of Themyscira, where Diana is brought up by Hippolyta, Amazonian queen (Connie Nielsen) and other amazon warriors. She learns to fight from her aunt, Antiope (Robin Wright). The opening action sequence in Themyscira was incredible and emotional as well when Antiope dies. WWI setting gave Diana to develop her character through the movie. According to Petty Jenkin, “since the movie will show Diana's first time venturing into the outside world, it was important to place her in an environment where she would see firsthand the horrors that humanity is capable of.

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