Battle Analysis Iran / Iraq War

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Battle Analysis Karbala V Iran-Iraq War 9-28 January 1987 I. Introduction By 1987, The Iran- Iraq War had been fought to a bloody stalemate after seven years. Both nations were looking for a final victory that would secure regional dominance when the war ended. Iran, which enjoyed a 3-1 population advantage over the Baathists, had shocked Iraqi commanders by their use of "human wave" offensives to breach minefields and swarm positions. The religious furor of the Shias seemed to be a substitute for inferior weapons, equipment, training, and logistics. Iraqi units, however, were hardly defenseless. The use of chemical munitions and armor tactics by Iraqi units, as well as their use of rehearsal techniques often gave them decisive…show more content…
Large numbers of Iranians continued to flow out of the bulge crowding the narrow space between berms two and three. Their progress, however, was blocked by the Border Guards, who gave way slowly contesting every meter of ground. This produced a frenzied butting match that went on for over a week. Finally, on or about January 17, the Border Guards side-slipped across the Jasim, opening the way for the Iranians to surge across the Shatt Al Arab. Before they could do so, however, they had first to ford a small channel and then traverse an island in the middle of the Shatt. Before the Iranians could start their river-crossing, the Iraqi high command committed a division of infantry to stop them. The division attacked south on the island and within 48 hours had succeeded in driving the Iranians off it. The fighting now subsided for a brief interval, while the Iranians continued moving fresh troops into the "liberated zone," and the Iraqis consolidated their defense line along the Jasim. On January 27, the Iranians played their last card-they tried to ford the Jasim and were briefly successful in doing so. However, after an advance of no more than a few meters, they stalled as the Iraqi defense stiffened, hurling the Iranians back. On January 28 when a new infusion of Republican Guard reserves crushed the bulge along Fish Lake, preventing the Iranians from making
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