Battle of Gettysburg Essay

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What was supposed to last 90 days, now dragged on for more than two years. It was apparent, now more than ever, that little was being accomplished but the taking of hundreds of thousands of lives. The war between the Union and Confederacy had been in a sort of deadlock where each side could claim victories as easy as defeats. By this time the south had the upper hand "militarily wise," just coming off a magnificent tactical victory at Chancellorsville in May. General Lee headed the Confederacy's, Army of Northern Virginia, General Meade headed the Union's Army of the Potomac. Both sides saw the need to win that one, crucial victory to turn the tide completely in their favor. They would get their chances at a small town in Pennsylvania. The…show more content…
By this point in the war, the citizens of the Confederacy were growing more and more doubtful of their future as long as the war was being fought. Food was at a scarcity, money was gradually becoming worthless and thousands of soldiers had been killed. Lee's army was having a lot of success in Virginia since Fredericksburg in December 1862, but the war was exacting a heavy toll on life in the south. It was becoming evident to Lee and President Davis so they knew they had to get the spirit of the people to rise again. No better possible way to do so then by obliterating the Army of the Potomac on northern soil. In doing so, General Lee hoped to not only raise morale in his ranks and the south, but crush the northern spirit. A win here would for sure demoralize even more, those opposing the war in the north, which might get public opinion to swing to anti-war. Also, Lee would pressure the north into sending troops from Washington, weakening its defenses or possibly draw troops from Grant's army at Vicksburg. On the other hand, General Meade's, Army of the Potomac also had reasons to win the battle. Newly appointed, General George Meade, had a huge task ahead of him. He had just assumed command of the Union's main eastern army and now he must halt Lee's advance. Two very difficult obstacles for him but if he couldn't stop the Army of Northern Virginia then his country was in jeopardy. With the capture of Vicksburg seeming

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