Battle of the Sexes

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Battle of the Sexes The word “gap” is defined as a wide divergence or difference. For as long as time has existed, there has been great tension between the sexes. This is a problem in the US due to the inequality of salary with gender, race/ethnicity, and education. This salary gap is nearly impossible to avoid, even though women have spent the time and hard work with education and dedication to their job, just as men have. Women have improved in these areas to receive high position and equality with men in the work force. However, even though they have kept their heads down and played by the rules, women still have somehow come up short and, their pay remains less than men’s pay. The earnings and income of men and women differ on many…show more content…
The tension is continuing, and we all know a problem without resolution eventually is a recipe for disasters. From then until now, the battle of sexes in regard to earnings continues. Women will continue to try to come out on top and see the brighter side of things. Perhaps there will one day be peace and equality. Works Cited: Catalyst. Catalyst Quick Take: “Women’s Earnings and Income” New York: Catalyst, 2014.
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