Essay on Battlefield in the Ukraine

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“Battlefield” – an etude. Inspired by the recent events of February 2014 in Kiev, Ukraine. A vision… a man is standing lit by a bleak sun under a grey sky… he stands at the crevice, which is filled with body parts, which seem to be human but at the same time to have come from toy humans. A man takes random people, pushes them towards this huge hole, throws them down… and they fall, slowly, as if the rules of physics do not apply. Once they reach the bottom, they fall apart as unrealistically as they were descending. One thing was clear – that man was killing all those random people. There was no reason, no motivation or goal. Just the gruesome process. I suddenly wake up. I am trying to understand where I am and what is happening. I …show more content…

It is scary to realize that it is a war. A war in a place where I used to walk freely with friends, family, and loved ones, not fearing for my own life. For this is downtown, crime activity is low here. Police will protect me, and take care of me. Only now, it was police who was firing at me, perceiving me as an enemy. It is immensely scary that everything has suddenly become so real: not just a piece of news on television or the Internet, but a real time 3D experience, in which any wrong move can result in the permanent final end of life, losing the privilege to find out how this war will end. I am sitting behind the tree while the brain breaks everything up in segments. One part of the mind attempts to evaluate the defense of the body as well as any damage. Another part recalls every single moment of the past several minutes: from the tiniest crack in a random stone to all drops of blood on the pavement. The third part tries to analyze the overall situation and to choose the best moment for escape. This part is the most dangerous. It sent many people towards an untimely end in a last grasp for life, the last attempt to make an escape. All of the above was scary and yet fear was subdued. It was such a rollercoaster of emotions and feelings that I was not able to experience any feeling fully for a certain time. Not more than several hours ago I was looking at my friend, laughing my

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