Battling Addiction Research Paper

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Battling addiction can be a challenging process that requires help and encouragement from top-notch rehab centers like Detox of South Florida. At Detox of South Florida, they have helped hundreds of patients struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. A major consideration in their treatment plan is preparing patients for sober life after rehabilitation. Many recovering addicts struggle with loneliness and isolation when sober. If you or a loved one is struggling with sober loneliness, here are three tips from the rehab center professionals at Detox of South Florida: Find A Support System: It’s easy to feel isolated from old friends that still drink alcohol or don’t fully understand the newly recovered person you have become. If this is the case, instead of feeling ostracized by old friends, forge new friendships and become active in groups that will understand what you’re going through. Consider going to AA meetings or exploring new, group activities like exercise or hobbies. …show more content…

To better establish your self-worth, focus on the positives. Consider keeping a journal and writing down all the things you’ve done right and all the greatness you have to offer. This can help improve your confidence and dispel feelings of social rejection. Stay Open and Connected: If you feel isolated and lonely now that you’re sober, it’s important not to close yourself off to other people. Communicate with your family and friends so they understand how you’re feeling and what’s going through your head. The silent treatment and keeping that negativity bottled up will only lead to more loneliness. If you or a loved one is suffering with addiction, call Detox of South Florida today at (863) 623-4923 to learn more about their addiction treatment program and rehabilitation services. Be sure to visit their website for additional information on their philosophy and rehab center

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