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BBC Worldwide: Global Strategy Case

Company Overview
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) was formed in 1922 by a group of radio manufacturers in order to popularize the new medium and create content for customers to listen to on their new devises. The organization grew as it developed a radio transmitter network and started looking at other media types. However, due to an issue of license fee collection, the BBC experienced heavy financial losses which caused the original radio manufacturers to pull out of the entity. To enable the entity to continue operating, a Royal Charter was created to fund the entity moving forward. BBC still operates under that charter which is reviewed every 10 years and the funding comes from a License …show more content…

Based on the questionnaire administered to BBC users, we can see that BBC is seen very favorably by its users. BBC as a brand is very strong, which is something the CEO of BBC WW will need to use effectively. BBC WW is also in a very strong financial position. Based on the financial data provided, the profits generated by BBC WW nearly tripled over the previous three years, and were on track to meet the £100M target for the FY2006-2007. Lastly, BBC WW has a very well diversified portfolio of media to meet any demand.

Due to the fact that BBC operates under a Royal Charter, it tends to be more conservative and it’s very focused in its programing on British culture. This can make it more difficult for BBC WW to see programing in cultures that are not fans of the British culture. BBC WW is also significantly under-staffed in its international offices, which could make it difficult to implement major strategy changes. Finally, there seems to be a communication gap between BBC WW and BBC when it comes to suggestions for innovations, and that could hinder progress in new markets.

BBC WW is well positioned to grow due to its significant web presence. The company has done a great job of embracing new media and distribution mediums. BBC WW is also poised to take advantage of growth in some global markets. These markets were identified as

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