Be Careful Going Home, The Roads Are Slippy Essay

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“Be careful going home. The roads are slippy.” That phrase makes me cringe. Western Pennsylvanians are known for their interesting colloquialisms and I can’t stand most of them. Colloquialisms are words or phrases that aren’t formal or even literary and are spoken in common conversation, according to Oxford Dictionaries. The correct word is slippery and not this strange word pronounced slippy. Other ones like yinz, dippy egg, pop, gob, red up, hoagie, and buggy are common words around here and I believe it makes the people saying them sound like hicks. I’ve grown up in this area, surrounded by these words, yet I feel each one is worse than the next. This wasn’t always the case though. When I was younger, my family said a few of the colloquialisms from this area since they’ve lived here their whole lives. My mother was from Latrobe and my father was from Johnstown. We lived in a small, extremely rural area between Johnstown and Altoona where you could always smell natural fertilizer and you lived a fair distance from your neighbors. So, by the time I entered school, I had heard a few of them like gob, dippy egg, and sweeper. School was where I learned more phrases and started using them. I would say buggy instead of shopping cart, crick instead of creek, and even slippy that I now loathe. During my freshman year of high school, the drama club went on a trip to New York City and everyone there could tell exactly where we were from. This made me rethink what I was saying and

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