Beautiful Boy By David Sheff

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This paper provides a brief summary of the novel Beautiful Boy by David Sheff (2008) that shows life of his son’s struggling drug addiction through the eyes of a helpless father. This paper also expands on the notion of how substance abuse and addiction are represented per several factors – individual, social, cultural and economic, as well as what instances/occurrences may have played a significant role in the development of substance and alcohol addiction Nic, the individual at risk, the circumstances that may have led David to acknowledge his son’s substance abuse problem, and what factors facilitate recovery. In addition, this paper covers the book’s application to the social work practice, including direct social work …show more content…

Their relationship was strained, and oftentimes nonexistent, up until the point where Nic hit “rock bottom”, when he would call his parents and beg for help. While Nic was out alone struggling to rid himself of his inner demons, David and the rest of his family dealt with the realities of Nic’s drug and alcohol addiction directly. At first came the denial. The denial that there was even the remote possibility that their sweet, innocent Nic would become dependent on substance to keep him remotely functional. Rather than let his son waste away, David utilized his journalistic abilities and set off to research as much as he could about addiction. He set out to contact ULCA’s top methamphetamine researcher, Dr. Richard Rawson. As a researcher, Dr. Rawson has no agenda other than fact and truth. He is completely dedicated to the work he does for one sole reason, to help addicts (Sheff, 2008, p.277). Alongside research, Sheff also attends Alcoholics Anonymous and therapy sessions to better grasp what is going on with his son. In these sessions, he is continuously drilled of the three Cs, “you did not cause it, you cannot control it, and you cannot cure it”. Sheff has difficulties accepting all but one of the three Cs at the end of his memoir. He comes to realize that he cannot control, nor can he cure Nic’s addiction. After years of panic and worry over Nic’s wellbeing, numerous rehab treatments and therapy

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