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John Nash first arrives as a new graduate student at Princeton University. There he meets his roommate Charles, a literature student, who soon becomes his best friend. He also meets a group of other promising math and science graduate students.

John sometimes goes out to a bar with his fellow students to try to meet women, but is always unsuccessful. However, the experience is what ultimately inspires his work in the concept of governing dynamics, a theory in mathematical economics. After the conclusion of John's studies as a student at Princeton, he accepts a teaching offer at a prestigious institution, along with his friends Sol and Bender. It is while at this post that he meets Alicia, a student with whom
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It is nice to see a change in the way the movie industry has depicted a person’s illness, not as a “tragedy” as it is always shown in many movies, but rather as “life” itself. Dr. John Forbes Nash. We all have heard this name before. I recall doing research work on Dr. Nash’s game theory, the Nash Equilibrium, in my 6th grade elementary. I was unknowing then that this strike of brilliance was developed by a mind that was once confused by what is real and what is not. I daresay creative thought certainly comes with a great price. I guess that is why it is so rare, intended only for those who can carry its burdens.

I first saw this film a few years ago. At the start of the movie, I waited for John Nash to do something out of the ordinary. Other than his shyness and brilliance, he seemed quite the ordinary person. When it finally registered, that most of what I had just seen was only real to Dr. Nash, I felt ill. The delusions that his mind created were as brilliant as he. He created people and scenarios that were possible for his extraordinary mind to believe. But this realization was yet to create any impact in my life, then. It was only years later, someone I know and care about suffered a similar yet milder condition. I have known her my whole life. Such a tragedy to have happened to her, took quite some time for everybody to accept. She was plagued . . . plagued with depression, indecision and the feeling of being unloved,

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