Beauty And Imperialism

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"Body Images, Eating Disorders and Cultural Imperialism" It's almost impossible now days to walk into a place and not seeing poster or magazine portraying young, beautiful women on the cover. It's becoming harder to look at those pictures and not begin to think "why can’t I look like her?'' and then we start looking for ways on how to look like them. However, looking up to these models can lead us to a negative self-evaluation trying to be someone we're not. These days it takes courage from a girl to show their natural beauty because make up advertisements are everywhere with faces covered up with makeup to hide the flaws. Girls hen find themselves looking at their reflection in the mirror comparing and criticizing themselves. Unfortunately, some girls take it too far that they would go to the extreme to meet up their own standards of perfection. Media has affected women's perception about their body and has been the causes of eating disorders. The media is consistently trying to convey the message that being thin and beautiful will lead us to ultimate health, happiness and success. Girls see over 400 ADS per day telling them how they should look. Plastic surgery has become an increasily popular means of physical alteration, which is done in order to mimic the "ideal" physical features seen in the media's models. Women commonly believe that surgeries will enhance their lives and will solve their personal problems. Media has created a world of people who don’t think

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